Draw your ideal future

If you want to create changes in your life, I strongly suggest that you watch this TEDxTalk: Draw your future: Patti Dobrowolski

The talk is both entertaining and inspiring. It shows you how to leverage your power of imagination and visualisation to actualise the desired vision of your future. I've used this exercise personally, and with many clients, with remarkable results. 

In fact, I did this exercise for myself many years ago and it's all coming true, without me even realising it. I found my drawing again on the day I moved home and saw that amongst the pictures on the 'desired new reality' were 2 detached houses side by side - one small and one bigger. Then realised that this is what we were moving to. At the time, I recall it representing a separate space to work away from home, but now see that this is my little office in the garden of my new home. Spooky eh?!

One thing worth mentioning though is that when clients I've worked with watch it and draw their own, I spot that they've used Patti's words for their 3 bold steps (SEE IT; BELIEVE IT; ACT ON IT). But these words aren't shared for you to use, simply as an example. And I would suggest words that are articulated with more specific actions in mind, for example something like 'LET GO' (which to you, for instance, could mean only saying 'yes' to opportunites alligned to the results you want).

Part of the power of the process is to see what words intuitively spring to mind. These should be your steps, in your own langauge, to get to your desired reality.

The act of focusing on what is truly and profoundly important to you, and identifying your bold steps, has a powerful impact. Clearly, you have to take action too. But change always starts with clear, sharp, focus on what you want.

Click here to download her template. 

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