Individual clients

"I'm not sure I would have had the guts to take on a business had it not been for the confidence you have given me to undertake financial planning, goal setting and control over personal finance." HANRI

"I finally paid off my last credit card and I am finally, completely free of debt. I can’t even remember when it was that I initially contacted you but it must be 6 or 7 years ago. Its taken me a long time but with your help and vision I finally got there! Thank you for being such a brilliant coach - I absolutely would never have got here without you and as you know, that's not just about my financial situation but the impact on the rest of my life." SHARON

"Really looking forward to our session. It's been way too long, and like a vital nutrient has been missing!" ANNA

"Without your guidance and focus upon person-centred support, innovative interventions and empowering motivation I would not have come through this particular crisis with such a sense of appropriate resolution and achievement." SALLY

"I salute the work you do around the emotions and psychology of money and the fact that dreams and ideas can become a reality with the right energy and input." CLARE

"Thanks again for all your guidance, insightfulness and support; it helps to keep me centred in what can sometimes be a scary place. What is so helpful about our sessions is your calm, non-judgemental appraisal of my situation and options. And what makes them so worthwhile is that you also bring your financial knowledge, experience and expertise to them. A double whammy!" DIANA

"The coaching sessions have taught me to have a healthier relationship with money which in turn has allowed me to approach other aspects of my life with a less fearful attitude. It has been a truly eye-opening experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Simonne to anyone." JOHN

"Simonne possesses an insightful, warm and practical style backed by her own financial work experience that offers a safe, non-judgemental space to work through a topic fraught with emotion and old belief systems that can either hold us back or free us to do the things we truly desire.  Working with Simonne has been the single best investment I've ever made." KATE

"My session with Simonne was extraordinary, it really shed light to my internal reasons for not aligning with financial abundance." LIZ

"Thanks again for your wise counsel and safe space to work things through. I really appreciated it." KATY

​"Many thanks indeed for your lovely ears and sensible brain!" SALLY

"I would like to thank you for your coaching thus far which enabled me to pay my tax bill without having to use my overdraft - which is a first in a long time!" SHARON

"Yesterday was wonderful. I loved it. So intense! So liberating." JESS

"Simonne helped me de-tangle a lot of what was happening in my financial sphere. Some things popped up that I never knew were there. My financial starting position was not being able to look at my bank balance and my end one is now saving, saving saving." VANESSA

 "Thanks again for your help with this stuff. It's better than any therapy." FREYA

"Simonne will calmly train and enthuse you filling you with new skills whilst boosting what you already know. A quiet force for good and excellence. Highly recommended as a trainer, coach & money angel." TANYA

"We appreciate everything you put into the sessions with us - it has been deeply revealing, and also very rewarding and developmental to work with you. The beginning of a new relationship to life!" STEVE & SONYA

"Simonne was instrumental in my regaining personal control of my financial situation in just over a year. She is non-judgmental, calm and reassuring. Willing to be challenging in a supportive way. Our Skype based coaching sessions were well structured. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to review and reset the way they think about and manage their money." MATT

"I can’t thank you enough for your session yesterday. Your intuition is so acute it’s almost spooky, it makes a world of difference to have some help in seeing the wood for the trees. Overwhelm can be a horrible dark place." SARAH

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More testimonials...

"Had my first session with Simonne yesterday. Really useful, completely practical, easy to understand, incredibly valuable. Helped me to identify some areas where my spending had got a little haphazard and, and with Simonnes help, I was able to identify strategies to start to manage these bad habits. She doesn't just help identify the behaviours but also the emotional stuff going on underneath. Highly recommend seeing her to work on this important area." Simone, Managing Director at Longevity Works

"Simonne has been instrumental in assisting me with the overwhelm of financial anxiety. Tips on how to make what can seem so painfully boring and tedious become so simple in her hands and assisting in making it painless has now helped me to be less anxious about finances in the future and to look to sources of sustainability that are in touch with who I really am. I highly reccommend Simonne's work, you will get more than you anticipate." Liz, Author/Poet

"Simonne's understanding of financial issues is amazing, but her deeper insight into how our psychological relationship with money is her greatest gift to her clients. As her result of my work with her, I have made a 180 degree turn in my professional life and have begun to completely re-organise my financial affairs!" Connie, Strategic Change Consultant

"I asked Simonne for some help in getting my head round a new business venture, and working out how much money I could afford/was comfortable with risking. Working with her has been brilliant. I've found out all sorts of things about myself that I didn't know, and she's helped me to feel very calm about my investments. Throughly recommended, and worth every penny." Julia, Business Advisor

“Simonne helps me to get in control of my finances and to find creative ways to work with my own mental and emotional blocks regarding money. She brings a spirit of curiosity and creativity, and endless patience and persistence. Her guidance has been invaluable on business and personal fronts, and in helping me to focus on what is important to me in the long term. My confidence and focus have both increased and I am increasingly able to live out my potential as a result.” Harriet, Director

“We are friends too, but Simonne has never let this get in the way of her professional, tough compassionate approach to our work together. She is warm, intuitive, expert, utterly supportive, trusting and trustworthy. She’s creative, articulate and empathic. She takes genuine responsibility for her side of the dialogue at the same time as showing a real respect for my view. She has never shied away from charged or challenging issues, and I regard her as a real ally always.” Charlotte, Writer & Editor

“I saw Simonne present about financial coaching at a Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce workshop and subsequently hired her as my personal financial coach. She's very good. Simonne is a good listener, encouraging and enthusiastic to help me reach my financial goals. She also challenges me and has helped me to break through a mental barrier I have regarding figures. I like that she's a finance expert, but independent of any products, and that she provides a service that is flexible to meet client needs. I love the fact that she is there especially for women." Penny, writer & coach

"The process has been very useful and exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to change the way I thought about money. What I was not looking for was someone telling me I was spending too much or not earning enough and this did not happen. The small changes we made together enabled me to make much greater life changes that have really made a difference." Tanya, occupational psychologist and coach

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"Simonne will calmly train and enthuse you filling you with new skills whilst boosting what you already know. A quiet force for good and excellence. I will definitely work with Simonne again. Highly recommended as a trainer, coach and money angel. " Jo, Head of Money at Work 

"The Wise Monkey Financial Coaching Training is perhaps the most engaging course I've ever been on. Simonne brought an extensive body of knowledge and experience to the course, and her passion and integrity shone throughout the course. As a participant, I left after 5-days brimming with confidence, knowledge and a bag-full of practical tools that can be applied immediately." Nav, Advisor

"Overall, a very rewarding and insightful course which has left me with a host of tools and strategies to help other people make positive changes in their lives. I came away with a renewed belief and desire to develop my career and business in a direction that fitted my values." Craig, Financial Services Professional

"I would highly recommend Simonne's training for anyone who is looking to become a Financial Coach. The materials were well organized and Simonne took me through the steps with lots of hands-on practices and role plays. And yes, I have done extensive research on the training programs available out there, and I know I've made the right choice. No fluff, just good solid information and guidance." Yulin

"I can't recommend Simonne enough. She was organised and provided very helpful and comprehensive course material. There was ample opporunity to discuss case studies and practice role-playing so it felt real, alive and relevant. Simonne was flexible during the programme and adept at assessing and changing the energy when appropriate. The training course exceeded my expectations and I left feeling inspired and motivated!" Marta

"Simonne is totally committed to financial coaching and making a difference in people's lives. It is impossible not to be inspired by her enthusiasm and generosity of spirit.  The Financial Coaching Practitioner Certifcate training is an intensive 5 day course. Don't do it if you're looking for a comfortable week by the seaside. DO it if you really want to learn about coaching, be challenged in your own life, are passionate about delivering a meaningful service to your clients - and have great fun along the way!" Ian Kemp, Financial Life Planner/IFA

More can be found on Simonne's LinkedIn page.

"Great workshop. Some really great tips regarding negotiating your worth, and removing the emotional side out of that process, demystifying pensions etc. I shared things that I wouldn't with friends and family and also had personal revelations about my relationship to finance and where some of it has come from."

"Super workshop. Excellent content and explanations. Thank you." 

"I now feel more confident about making my money work for me and have some idea of where to go for advice and to buy financial products that suit me. Thank you - a good day and hopefully a fruitful one!" 

"The session was excellent! Very informative and useful to the present situation - lots to take away and use. A great help." 

"I feel far more positive about understanding debt and credit." 

"Excellent day. You are so good at making it both interesting and interactive. Your approach to money management inspires me to take more control." 

"The sessions were very enlightening and enjoyable!" 

"Great session and very helpful handout - lots of useful detail, which I intend to put into practice straight away." 

"Very well presented… the issues were clearly explained and the tips on clearing debt were invaluable."