Emotions of money

Sheconomics - helping women take practical and emotional control of their money issues
Do Something Different programme - an innovative online behaviour change programme
Money Habitudes - a fun card game to help you understand your habits and attitudes to money


Kelkoo - compare prices on all products
Moneyfacts - compare savings accounts, bonds, ISAs, investment funds, credit cards & mortgages
Monthly Spending Plan - a Wise Monkey worksheet to help you capture your monthly expenses and plan ahead
Reduce Energy Costs - search for cheaper utility providers
Say No to 0870 - find alternative phone numbers to well-known companies to avoid high call costs
Track Your Spending - an article about different apps which can help you track your spending
Who owns who - which financial institution owns which bank/building society
Your Net Worth - a Wise Monkey worksheet to help you map out where you stand with what you own and what you owe

Debt & Credit

Check your credit record - Check your credit report & get a credit score for free
Debt Snowball calculator - work out the order in which you should pay debt and your debt-free day
Credit card calculator - see how much a credit card will cost you or how quickly you can pay off your existing cards
Debt Remedy Service - answer a series of questions online to get a debt solution, and personal action plan, tailored to you
Debt Solutions - information from StepChange, formerly known as CCCS, on all types of debt solutions
Get Out of Debt Guide - Motley Fool’s guide to help you get out of debt
Interest Rate Converter - convert monthly interest to annual APR
Mortgage and Loan Calculators - calculate mortgage and loan costs and repayments


Divorce & Separation - impartial information & guidance, provided by The Money Advice Service, to help you stay on top of your financial situation
Sussex Family Solutions - a mixed group of professionals, including collaborative family lawyers, mediators, therapists, financial advisors/coaches and life coaches who work together with you to find solutions for you and your family when your relationship breaks down.

Financial Planning

Boring Money -  independent tips and answers about money to help you make smart decisions
Candid Money - an independent, free and impartial website, dedicated to helping you better understand and look after your money
CityWire - a mix of information, practical advice and analysis to help decide how best to invest your money
Your Ethical Money - independent info on ethical savings and investment options and help in finding an ethical financial adviser
Fool.co.uk - tips, stories and comparisons on all things to do with money
Meaningful Money - podcasts and videos to help you understand everything to do with money
Money Advice Service - unbiased tools and resources from the UK’s Money Advice Service
Money Advice Service’s Comparative Tables - compare similar products available from various providers
Savings Calculator - calculate the future value of a lump sum or monthly savings

Find an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA)

Certified Financial Planner - find a professionally qualified fee-based certified financial planner
Findanadviser.org - search for a member of The Personal Finance Society
Vouchedfor - thousands of top-rated Financial Advisers with reviews from genuine clients
Financial Life Planners - find a Registered Life Planner in the UK


The Pensions Advisory Service - free information, advice and guidance on any type of pension
Pensions Advisory Service videos - retirement planning and all the things you might like to think about
Money Advice Service's Pension Calculator - work out how much retirement income you might receive from the amounts you save
State Pension Forecast - request a forecast of your State Pension

Tax & benefits

Benefits & Tax Credits - find out about State benefits and tax credits
Tax Calculator - work out how much tax and national insurance would be deducted from pre-tax pay
Tax Guide - advice, guidance and tips to help you deal with your tax affairs
Tax Credits - find out if you’re eligible for any benefits or tax credit

Women & Money

Sheconomics - helping women take practical and emotional control of their money issues
SavvyWoman - finance information and help for women who want to get more from their money

Business Resources

The Joy of Business - growing and developing businesses of all kinds
Letting Focus - unbiased buy-to-let seminars and property consultancy
UK Life Coaches - search for a life coach appropriate to your needs

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