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Hi, I’m Simonne Gnessen, Founder of Wise Monkey Financial Coaching. I’m also a Money Coach, with over thirty years’ experience, and co-author of a book called Sheconomics.

I can help you build a better relationship with money and feel calmer, more in control and confident about your finances. This process can be hugely empowering and have a positive impact across your whole life.

I’m passionate about this work and, to this day, love working individually with my own clients wherever and whenever I can. (If I’m not, personally, able to take you on right now, I also have a panel of others I’ve trained I can refer you on to…)

Although I have financial expertise, I’m not a traditional financial adviser and I don’t sell financial products or receive any commission or payment from third parties. (This is one of the ways Wise Monkey is radically different from what came before it.)

Fees are currently £140 per hour plus VAT (£150 plus VAT for couples), with a minimum charge of two hours for the first session.

My terms of business are available on request. I work with clients remotely all over the world, so geographical location is no barrier.

As well as working with my own clients, I train others to become financial coaches.

"The impact of Simonne's work is immeasurable, I wish I found her years ago! She brings such knowledge and warmth, and I have a much clearer plan for my future thanks to her support. I'd recommend her to everyone!"
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To deliver the Wise Monkey messages further, I teamed up with Psychology Professor, Karen Pine, to design a money guide to help women take practical and emotional control of their money issues. The book’s called ‘Sheconomics’ and it was published by Headline in January 2009.

If you want to start taking control of your money, Sheconomics is packed full of valuable advice. It’s now available on Kindle for only £5.99.

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"Kickstart a whole new approach to how you manage your finances"

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Wise Monkey Financial Coaching

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