My mission is to:

  • Demystify the world of finance.
  • Relieve you of stress relating to your financial worries.
  • Help you use money effectively so you can reach your highest aspirations in life.

I founded Wise Monkey Financial Coaching in 2002 after working as a fee-based independent financial adviser for 10 years. I stepped away from the traditional industry because I felt there was a need for guidance and support relating to money that had nothing to do with products. I wanted to design a completely different type of service to the traditional financial services model - one that focuses on empowering clients in money matters.

Simonne possesses an insightful, warm and practical style backed by her own financial work experience that offers a safe, non-judgemental space to work through a topic fraught with emotion and old belief systems that can either hold us back or free us to do the things we truly desire. Working with Simonne has been the single best investment I've ever made. Kate, London




I acquired additional skills through the fields of coaching, psychology and personal development, to complement my practical financial skills and knowledge.




It has been deeply revealing, and also very rewarding and developmental, to work with you. The beginning of a new relationship to life! Ingrid, London

Leading Provider

Wise Monkey has become the leading provider of financial coaching services in the UK.

I've designed my Wise Monkey service to offer value, regardless of your level of income and fees are £240 plus VAT for a two-hour session (£260 plus VAT for couples). It’s a sales-free service. My approach is both intuitive and non-judgmental, employing a blend of coaching methods that are proven to bring about lasting personal change.

Wise Monkey Financial Coaching Limited is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). I will never provide you with specific advice on the purchase of any financial product such as a pension, saving, investment, insurance, credit arrangement or mortgage. Nor will I suggest that you vary, alter, discard or liquidate an existing product, including any debt you hold.

Should you require any recommendations or opinion on your existing or new financial arrangements, I would always suggest that you seek advice from a regulated independent financial adviser. Or, in the case of debt, a regulated debt counsellor.

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Wise Monkey has been featured in numerous national newspapers and magazines, including: The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Mail, The Daily Express, Which? magazine, Psychologies, Red, She, Elle, Zest, Glamour, Vogue, Woman’s Own, Woman & Home and The Scotsman. I have also been interviewed on BBC News 24, BBC's One Show and several BBC radio stations and podcasts.