Understand your relationship with money

Understand your relationship with money

Last night, I delivered a workshop in Brighton where I got everyone talking about their relationship with money. It was playful and fun – not what people would expect from a workshop about money!

It involved lots of exercises including one where I drew a tea pot and asked: ‘If money came to tea how would it behave? What would it wear? What would it say?’ This revealed some of their unconscious thoughts and messages about money.

Everyone loved playing the ‘Money Habitudes’ cards, a game that reveals your habits and attitudes around money in a fun and non-threatening way. There’s no judgement, no right or wrong - it’s all about understanding yourself and driving forward action to achieve a better balance.

I’ve been working with groups of therapists using these cards as well, as one of many tools for themselves and their clients. This is a sector I really want to work with more. Therapists go through extensive training but no-one teaches them about money issues, even though money is a great cause of unhappiness and stress among their own clients. My work helps them find ways to broach the subject and to help people think about, and challenge, their relationship to money.

I’m hoping to do more of these workshops. All this work is gaining momentum and I’m excited to see where it will lead. Watch this space for details of further training and workshops. If you’re interested in attending or hosting a workshop, please get in touch.


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