The gift of giving

The gift of giving

Making goals a reality

I want to share with you the most profound and inspirational story about one of my clients. She first came to see me just over 3 years ago, having inherited money and wanting to experience self-empowerment. Her wish was to do something with the money which was meaningful to her. To extract purpose and meaning from the money that was not entangled in emotional connections to money in her family. She was aware that over time her relationship with the money had become tense and uncomfortable, sometimes tainted by shame and guilt - she wanted to heal this along the way. 

I'm thrilled by the progress she's made. The way that her relationship with money has changed. How she has carefully and methodically selected the right investment approach, and advice, to have confidence that her money is working well for her and aligned to her goals and integrity. How she is gaining confidence in her understanding of the complex financial landscape. And is standing in her power in so many different ways. 

Forward Bound Scholarship

But... I'm especially proud of the project she founded, and is sponsoring, in collaboration with the University of Brighton. The Forward Bound scholarship gives a one year Masters degree in Health Promotion to professionals from lower to lower-middle income countries with the idea that they will pass on their knowledge on their return to their country.

This video showcases the scholarship programme that was established with her ideas and funding. 

I'm thrilled that this project came out of the work she and I did in my office in Brighton, as a result of financial life planning, and knowing what a difference it’s made in my client’s life as well as the students she’s supporting.  

Making a difference

Virginia Mzunzu from Malawi was the first beneficiary of this scholarship (applications are now coming in for the third year of the programme). Virginia had completed her first degree in Malawi and was already working in malnutrition in her country. However, she was ambitious to learn more and to make more of an impact.

The scholarship was a life-changing experience for Virginia: "The scholarship gave me an opportunity to grow and develop myself academically and has also exposed me to a different culture – I have cherished every bit of it … My gratitude to the donors who made this possible cannot be overemphasised – they made my dream come true."

Philanthropy packs a punch

Read more about the outcome of this first fully funded scholarship, made possible by my client's drive, passion and heart:

Take action

The University of Brighton offer a range of different philanthropic/sponsorship opportunities to those who would like to make a difference. Also a fabulous mentoring programme if you are able to mentor a Student. 

If you'd like to change someone's life by setting up a new scholarship or student prize, email or contact Sam Davies - the Director of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement at the University of Brighton – on 01273 878382.

Click here if you'd like to understand how Financial Life Planning can help you.


This is absolutely inspirational and a wonderful example of using money positively to make a better world. Well done Wise Monkey and well done wise investor.

Finola Brophy
16:22 02/06/2017

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