Re-invigorating my ‘why’

Re-invigorating my ‘why’

I've had an exciting few months, which has caused me to be relatively quiet on the Wise Monkey social media front for a while. I took a bit of time out from tweeting and facebooking to take stock and plan my next direction. Some recent tasks and events - updating my website, creating a new video to succinctly explain what I do, regulatory issues and preparing a one-minute speech as well as a teleseminar - have required me to assess what I do and why, and to distill the essence of my work.

Rediscovering and re-invigorating my ‘what and why’ has been a wonderful process. Not that I’d ever lost sight of it, but I hadn’t stepped back for a while to see the whole picture. In going through that process myself, I felt a lot of resonance with the work I do with many of my clients – taking action to break the paralysis of indecision, while re-focusing on original goals.

Client cases as examples

I worked through more than a dozen recent client cases to assess what the common threads were and to assess what I was actually doing and I saw that my work was essentially about empowering people to stand on their own two feet and make their own decisions.

For example, one client had inherited wealth but a great sense of a lack of trust in the financial services industry. I helped her through the process of finding a suitable financial advisor, but I’m there on the sidelines helping her think through the pros and cons and what questions to ask, helping her re-frame her situation.

Another client was the beneficiary of a large trust fund but felt like a ‘little girl’ amidst the rest of her family, not understanding the financial terminology and feeling like no-one spoke her language. I’m here to help her make the right decision for her. After going through the Life Planning process she's now seeking to set up a foundation for a cause that is important to her, and in doing so has found a fulfilling way to make this money work for what mattered to her.

One more client had separated from her partner and had agreed a settlement where he got a share of the value of the house, but she hadn’t sold as she wanted to give their young children the stability of their home. Now the kids were older she was trying to decide whether she should sell or whether she could raise the finance to buy him out. She didn’t have a partner to talk this through with, and it can be difficult to talk to friends about such emotional money issues. I helped her think through the actual figures involved, to weigh up the pros and cons – both in financial and emotional terms. Within a 2-hour session she was able to come to a conclusion and feel confident with it. 

Bringing it all together

All of this has made me fall in love with my work all over again. I'll be ready to launch my new website soon - details to follow - and will be tweeting and facebooking again with renewed clarity.

Meanwhile, take a look at my new video and let me know what you think:




I can highly recommend the services of of Megan Price who did a fantastic job creating the video: Thanks so much Meg and a big thanks too to my clients who contributed to the video!


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