Have you committed (financial) infidelity?

Have you committed (financial) infidelity?

A new study has found that more and more people have an account or credit card hidden from their partner. Money secrets can be just as harmful to a relationship as cheating. Interesting article by Anna Maxted about financial infidelity in The Times, with commentary from Simonne Gnessen.

Financial infidelity can be having savings accounts or debt you haven’t told your partner about, or taking on a credit card or loan and not being open about it. It can also be spending without your partner knowing; hiding shopping in your wardrobe, bringing it out months later and saying, ‘What, this old thing?’ It can be taking control of the finances badly and pretending that everything’s fine when it is, in fact, chaos. You don’t have to tell a blatant lie. All of that is infidelity.

It's not necessarily that you don't trust your partner. It may be as a result of deep shame and regret, or that you don't think they'll see things the same way as you. But for relationships to survive, and fourish, it's best to aim for open communication and total transparency. 

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