Fun money tools designed for kids (but great for adults too!)

Fun money tools designed for kids (but great for adults too!)

While we’re in back to school mode and thinking about financial education how would you like your kids to teach you about the stockmarket?

Or to see them getting enthused by the idea of building wealth when they get older?

Well, thanks to an episode of Radio 4’s Moneybox, I came across this fantastic site where kids can play at trading the stockmarket via a fantasy stock market game . It’s run through an organisation called OINK! – a business newspaper for kids aged 7 to 12 teaching money matters to kids in a fun, off the wall, way.

The game gives them the experience of buying and selling shares, keeping track of all their trades as well as the chance to win prizes.

Another great online game for teenage kids is 56 Sage Street. This gives teens the experience of making good financial decisions, using money wisely and avoiding temptations. Having arrived in the city with only £4, their mission is to progress through the game proving to the self-made millionaire owner of 56 Sage Street that they’re worthy of taking over his Empire! They have to make choices too, for example between a job that pays well or one that boosts their reputation. Great lessons for life- and ones that aren’t taught in schools.


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