Five money lessons that clients have shared this week

Five money lessons that clients have shared this week

I set up text alerts on my current account (this is genius - how did I live without it?!) and cancelled a couple of direct debits for things I didn't need to pay for.

I value the things I buy now. I’ve stopped buying cheap clothes and only occasionally buy stuff. But when I do I only choose things I love.

I set out my prices etc with the clarity and confidence you coached me in. It  feels like a landmark to me to get so clear about it and put it out there.  

If I feel a twinge of resentment [over something relating to my work], I now recognise that it means that it that I’m undercharging or being taken advantage of. I now use this as a sign to do something different. 

Understanding my financial position has given me the confidence to stand up to my partner and tell him I’m not happy.  I could never have done this without feeling confident about my own financial independence. Our relationship is now so much better. 


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