Finances on separation

Finances on separation

The process of divorce or separation forces you to make big financial decisions at a time of intense emotional upheaval. There is an urgent need for clarity, understanding and clear planning to ensure those decisions are made well, as they could have a big impact on your future. 

The financial side of divorce can be a daunting process, especially as many of us struggle to understand where our money goes at the best of times. There may be financial issues – such as pensions, investments, debts or a family business – that you have never really understood, and now decisions need to be made about how to share these. Even apparently straightforward questions, such as ‘how much do you need to live on?’ are complex when on the cusp of a big life change.

Financial coaching provides support and guidance in understanding money, and so can be particularly helpful for navigating the financial aspects of divorce and facilitating discussions between couples.

I'm also part of a group of professionals including collaborative lawyers, mediators, counsellors and financial advisors who provide an integrative approach to aid couples and individuals during a separation or divorce. Together we are known as Sussex Family Solutions. Our approach is to provide support for every aspect of your separation, including legal, emotional and financial. I'm an affiliate member of Resolution and my Wise Monkey service abides by Resolution’s Code of Practice.

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