Changing Financial Behaviour

Changing Financial Behaviour

Meaningful Money 30 minute interview (starts after about 6 mins)

I've been a great fan of Pete Matthew at Meaningful Money, who shares my passion in delivering financial education to the masses and helping people build a better financial future for themselves. I often suggest his podcasts or videos to clients to listen to, and would strongly recommend taking a look around his site and and, if you're interested in learning how to invest, signing up for his free 10 day email course.

This week, I was delighted to be inverviewed by Pete for his latest Meaningful Money podcast, as part of his season covering the subject of behavioural finance. In this interview I talk about the power of coaching and how we also need to address our emotional relationship with money to create a secure path towards our goals. I also share some tips and insights.

You can listen to it by clicking on the audio link above (the interview starts about 6 minutes into the recording) or via the Changing financial behaviour page on the Meaningful Money website. If you scroll down the page on the Meaningful Money website, there's also a transcribed version of the podcast and a list of resources that I mention during the interview. Please do take a look at Pete's website, as there's tons of valuable resources on there. 


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