Do Happiness - an alternative to retail therapy

Do Happiness - an alternative to retail therapy

Spending can often fill a void and I’m always looking at ways to help clients lead more fulfilling lives, and use money in the most effective ways to create the lives they most desire.

At last scientists are starting to discover what really makes us happy. And now you can put it into action.

Do Something Different (the movement co-founded by Professor Karen Pine, co-author of Sheconomics) has teamed up with Action for Happiness to create Do Happiness. It’s all about less moaning and more appreciating.

Do Happiness

And when you buy one happiness programme you automatically create a free one for someone who can’t afford it. So you’re spreading happiness right
from the start.

Do Happiness is a six-week programme of small personalised actions (Do’s) designed to supercharge your happiness levels - and spread happiness to others.

The programme is simple. You complete a quick online happiness questionnaire and then you get sent daily Do’s: powerful actions designed by psychologists, and picked especially for you, to act upon. And access to a Do Zone in which to log and share them.

Do Happiness costs £15 for a six-week programme – a total of 32 daily Do’s sent by email and/or text.

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