"I absolutely loved the course and not only took away knowledge I will use professionally but also experienced an unexpectedly large amount of personal development as well." Michelle

"Simonne has a wonderfully warm and engaging manner, sharing her contagious enthusiasm and passion for her work. Clearly so much thought has been given on how best to share her knowledge in a way that is easy to follow - despite our different professional backgrounds, experiences and intuition. I've also learnt so many transferable skills and benefitted in my own personal development and will be taking these reflective work practices to other areas of my private and professional life" Julia

"I could not recommend the course highly enough.  I've come away with so much fantastic information, experience of coaching and resources that I feel a huge difference in my confidence level to get out there and get coaching - everything from how to run a session and deal with specific client issues, to how to do business, marketing and so on. This is the best course I've ever been on, hands down, no question!  Can't wax lyrical enough about it." Kate

"The case studies were the most useful aspect as I had no coaching experience and this was a perfect setting to try out the techniques Simonne was teaching. It was useful to do so many case studies as I felt I could see some improvement in my coaching skills as the week progressed." Leslie

"It was very well planned and organised with a managable number of attendees for everyone to have a chance of obtaining maximum benefit. The course was comprehensive, with a good balance of practical work enabling us to practice techniques and use different tools. It was delivered with passion and enthusiasm. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who I felt cared about improving peoples relationship with money for the better." Louise

"It was one of the most enjoyable and challenging courses I have ever taken. I am wholeheartedly grateful for the professionalism of the team in Wise Monkey. They are approachable and I felt the sheer love of financial coaching as a profession came through so strongly. There was a good blend of behavioural and attitudinal content and then financial content. Roleplaying was particularly good which embedded learning. Small group facilitated learning better. Good 'safe' place to make mistakes and learn. Facilitation was balanced and mindful of backgrounds of all attendees." Morgan

"I honestly loved everything about this course, ranging from the huge volume of information we were given in the folder, through to the training and support we received from Simonne, Anne and Jo. My own confidence as a coach grew and I felt like I left on Friday as someone who could launch into financial coaching. The comaradery between the delegates and trainers was lovely to be part of." Stephanie

"I throughly enjoyed the course and found it a great step forward. Her encouragement, well managed timing of each part and humourous approach allowed us to pack a lot in. She's a strong teacher and group leader. The supportive and encouraging environment made a safe learning space." Issy

"Overall words: 'Slick', 'Professional', 'Thought-provoking, 'Comfortable' and 'Safe Environment" Jennifer

"I was delighted with the wealth of content you shared. You were incredibly generous in both your knowledge and resources. ​The workshop facilitation was exemplary. Everything was well structured and planned. I feel very privileged to have attended this course. I had high expectations, but they were exceeded!. Everything was organised with such care and the Wise Monkey team created a wonderfully supportive environment. I can't wait to put it all into practice!" Catherine

"My favourite part of the course was the role plays, with real-life case scenarios and putting into practice the tools and training material we received during the practitioner course.“ John

"The course was one of the best I’ve attended (including in my time in the corporate sector) in terms of structure, delivery and content. I found it very practical and useful and the material/follow-up resources are fantastic. A lot of people try to limit their knowledge/ materials so it is really generous of you to share so much with us to make it much easier to get started as a coach. While the course was fairly intense at times, there was a good balance between passive/active learning, with follow up on some of the teaching to ensure the knowledge was more likely to be embedded.  I genuinely loved the course and left feeling very inspired and motivated." Martine

"I knew from talking with you that you'd be great, Simonne and I wasn't disappointed, but Anne was a nice surprise element. I normally hate role playing because your can't 'follow the emotions' but her role playing skills were so good that I could." Cathy

"Simonne will calmly train and enthuse you filling you with new skills whilst boosting what you already know. A quiet force for good and excellence. I will definitely work with Simonne again. Highly recommended as a trainer, coach and money angel." Jo

"The Wise Monkey Financial Coaching Training is perhaps the most engaging course I've ever been on. Simonne brought an extensive body of knowledge and experience to the course, and her passion and integrity shone throughout the course. As a participant, I left after 5-days brimming with confidence, knowledge and a bag-full of practical tools that can be applied immediately." Nav

"Simonne has developed a highly interactive and empowering training course overflowing with content, materials and experiential learning." Adan

"Overall, a very rewarding and insightful course which has left me with a host of tools and strategies to help other people make positive changes in their lives. I came away with a renewed belief and desire to develop my career and business in a direction that fitted my values." Craig

"I would highly recommend Simonne's training for anyone who is looking to become a Financial Coach. The materials were well organised and Simonne took me through the steps with lots of hands-on practices and role plays. And yes, I have done extensive research on the training programs available out there, and I know I've made the right choice. No fluff, just good solid information and guidance." Yulin

"I can't recommend Simonne enough. She was organised and provided very helpful and comprehensive course material. There was ample opportunity to discuss case studies and practice role-playing so it felt real, alive and relevant. Simonne was flexible during the programme and adept at assessing and changing the energy when appropriate. The training course exceeded my expectations and I left feeling inspired and motivated!" Marta

"Simonne is totally committed to financial coaching and making a difference in people's lives. It is impossible not to be inspired by her enthusiasm and generosity of spirit.  The Financial Coaching Practitioner Certifcate training is an intensive 5 day course. Don't do it if you're looking for a comfortable week by the seaside. DO it if you really want to learn about coaching, be challenged in your own life, are passionate about delivering a meaningful service to your clients - and have great fun along the way!" Ian

More can be found on Simonne's LinkedIn page.