Financial coaching is a fast growing profession in the UK and Wise Monkey is the UK's leading provider of Financial Coach training, through our Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate Training.

As financial coaches we help clients navigate their finances, challenge their attitude to money and feel inspired and motivated to take action towards their financial future. The service is purely fee-based and clients are supported and held to account on action. Some coaches offer one-to-one support to individuals and couples, while others offer group coaching, workshops, events or coaching through employer financial wellness programmes. 

Simonne Gnessen and her team are training more and more Financial Coaches to work with clients both on practical personal finance issues, as well helping clients change their financial behaviour and the way they think and feel about money.

Simonne works with a limited number of her own clients and has now created the directory below to help you find the network of Financial Coaches that she's trained using her tools, resources and models. See each coach's website for details of their fee and service.

Directory of UK Financial Coaches trained by Wise Monkey Financial Coaching

Name:  Julie Barnes

When I trained a financial coach:  April 2019

Where I'm based:  Northampton, UK



Background:  I initially trained in Accountancy and managed the finances of a small business before moving into the Financial Services Sector and training others. I am focused on problem solving and looking at different opportunities.

Qualifications:  AAT Qualifications and Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate.

What do clients gain from working with me:  I'm passionate about helping others reduce stress around money matters and improve their quality of life, so we will work together to provide clarity about where you are now , where you want to be in life and the steps needed to get there, through better understanding of financial matters and any beliefs and habits that could currently be sabotaging your efforts.

Name:  Cathy Boddy

When I trained a financial coach:  October 2018

Where I'm based:  Wokingham, UK



Qualifications:  Diplomas in both Financial Planning and Counselling & Psychotherapy, Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate.

Background:  Experienced Financial Adviser and Counseller offering Financial Coaching and Fincancial Wellbeing in the Workplace Training

What do clients gain from working with me:  With Diplomas in both Financial Planning and Counselling & Psychotherapy and being a Trained Financial Coach, I can help you with your personal relationship with money as well as the practical skills to use it well.  Helping you with the "how to" and the "why don't I do what I know I need to?"

Name:  George Callaghan

When I trained a financial coach:  June 2018

Where I'm based:  Edinburgh, UK



Background:  I have a number of years’ experience providing teaching and coaching in the area of Economics and Personal Finance. I also am one of the Trainers in the Wise Monkey team. In addition, I help both groups and individuals learn more about money and develop positive financial habits. I am available for face to face or on-line sessions.

Qualifications:  Undergraduate degree in Economics, PhD in Economics, Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate.

What do clients gain from working with me: corporate clients get someone who is experienced in working with groups of people to improve their financial education, knowledge and skills. Individual clients get a knowledgeable coach who is committed to helping them develop positive money habits. 

Testimonial: “Loved how the sessions were tailored around your individual money needs. George was very supportive and really made you think about your approach towards money through various means such as goal setting and cashflow calculating. Would highly recommend to anyone!” Fraser, trainee Doctor

Name:  Astrid Collier

When I trained a financial coach:  November 2019

Where I'm based:  Cheshire East, UK


Online profile:

Background:  For 25 years I worked in Investment Banking in 'The City of London'. During this time I learned coaching skills with 'MOE Foundation' and last year trained in 'Financial Coaching' with Simonne.

Qualifications:  MOE Coach Qualification, Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate, The Chartered Institute of Bankers Foundation Course.

What do clients gain from working with me: As a 'financial coach' I help clients look at their relationship with money and grow confidence to build on this, so they are happy to take responsibility for their decisions and I provide accountability for their whole financial wellbeing.

Testimonial: “Debt is not just numbers on a page but an emotional & confusing state, that can devastate and undermine, making you feel an abject failure in every area. To find a financial coach that can understand, support and encourage while helping you to focus, to unravel and face the issues on hand has been invaluable. Astrid has always been calm and methodical in helping me through this and I cannot recommend her highly enough should you need assistance with your finances." Susan Spilman

Name:  Kim Crewe

When I trained a financial coach:  October 2018

Where I'm based:  Brighton and Horsham, UK



Background:  I spent the early days of my career working in the banking and finance industry. For the last 25 years I have worked with individuals, couples and businesses in a therapeutic and coaching role. I trained as a financial coach as I found that the relationship with money was a significant feature of both my individual and couple work.

Qualifications:  Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate, Accreditation with BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, BA Cultural Studies. 

What do clients gain from working with me: Working with individuals, couples and business partners, I will work alongside you to understand your relationship and the emotions of money. I will also support you to take practical steps to manage your money more effectively. As a coach I take a creative approach to enabling you to meet your life and financial goals to get from where you are now to living the life you want to live in the future. I also work as a divorce coach and can support individuals and couples to prepare their finances for the separation or divorce process.

Testimonial: "In working with Kim I have much more confidence in managing my money, I am more organised and have changed some of unhelpful spending habits."

Name:  Kate Dellow

When I trained a financial coach:  November 2018

Where I'm based:  Tonbridge, Kent, UK



Background:  Kate started her career in accountancy, then trained in financial advice and financial coaching to follow a passion for personal finance, and a desire to help individuals and couples take financial decisions that are in line with their life goals.

Qualifications:  Diploma in Financial Advice (Dip FA), Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP), Fellow of Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (FCPFA), Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate.

What do clients gain from working with me:  Working with me allows clients to gain clarity over their financial position, and a greater sense of control going forward. I give my clients the skills and confidence to make financial decisions and nurture a brighter financial future.

Testimonial:  "From the first session with Kate, I felt more in control of my money, and finally felt as though I'd be able to stick to a budget and have some money left for the things I want to do. With each session I learn a lot about my relationship with money, and I'm enjoying the process which I never thought I'd say as I started out terrified! Kate doesn't judge at all - she is always friendly and supportive." (Suzanne)

Name:  Helen Driver

When I trained a financial coach:  January 2020

Where I'm based:  Suffolk, UK



Background:  Helen is a former Fund Manager with 20 years managing Investment and Pension Funds.

Qualifications:  DiPFA, CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), IMC (Investment Management Certificate), Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate.

What do clients gain from working with me:  Friendly, no jargon approach to build knowledge so you can face your financial future with confidence.

Additional info:  Helen is the founder of Moneyready - - an independent, online financial education platform for children and young people aged 7-18 years.

Name:  Claire Jones

When I trained a financial coach:  June 2019

Where I'm based:  Dover, Kent, UK



Background:  At the beginning of 2019 I left my secure NHS senior manager employment of 20 years to follow my passion as a lifestyle coach, following my own lifestyle transformation. I consider our relationship with our finances to be a crucial part of developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle so I felt it was vital to train properly in this area so that I can deliver this to a high standard as part of my overall offering.

Qualifications:  Management and leadership diploma (L5) and certificate (L7), Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate, Life Coaching certificate, Wellness Coaching certificate, Nutrition Coaching certificate, Counselling skills certificate, Personal Training diploma (L3 completed, working towards L4 due to complete April 2020), BA (Open) in economics and history. Stuying Level 5 Life Coaching Diploma (due to complete summer 2020) and BSc Psychology (due to complete 2021).

What do clients gain from working with me:  I help clients to uncover their potential and discover and achieve their true lifestyle goals, including finding out how improving their relationship with their finances can be a key influencing factor in their success.

Testimonial: "Since working with Claire I have a better understanding of my own mindset, I have more motivation to actually do something to change my current situation, and I actually believe I can do it. I am now motivated and excited to move forward with the plan we have agreed on, and I look forward to continuing to work with Claire in the future!" Gemma

Name:  John Kenny-Levick

When I trained a financial coach:  June 2018

Where I'm based:  Sweden



Background:  30+ years helping people with their money and finances. Business owner, trained and qualified Life Coach. Business Coach & Financial Life Planner, Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate Training.

Qualifications:  Certified Financial Planner. Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate. Certified Life Coach via ACE & ICF. Member of the Association of Coaching UK.

What do clients gain from working with me:  Education & Training. Tools and Skills which lead to Peace of Mind. Clarity. Control. Confidence with results you can measure.

Testimonial:  "For the 1st time in 30 years I actually feel I understand my finances and know how to manage them." EBR

Additional info:  I offer a free of cost, 60 minutes session for everyone; wherein they can explore their situation and agree a way forward for them.

Name:  Nicholas Lee

When I trained a financial coach:  October 2017

Where I'm based:  Worcester, UK



Background:  Working with many clients over thirty years as a financial planner has taught me that most people don't need 'investment advice'. What they really need is someone to become their financial friend and help them to make sense of how money fits into their life.

Qualifications:  Diploma in Financial Planning; Certified Life Planner; Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate.

What do clients gain from working with me: As a financial coach I focus on your concerns. It may be taking control of expenditure, reducing and eliminating debt or helping you to create an investment plan that leads to financial independence. My hope is that I will help you to take control of your finances enabling you to live with more purpose, no longer driven by financial worries and fears.

Testimonial: "Nicholas has helped me tremendously. I came to him when I felt I had exhausted all the avenues that budgeting apps, spreadsheets and online banking could offer me. I knew I had a confused relationship with money but didn’t know how to break habits learnt in childhood. Nicholas has a methodical and practical approach, that is gentle and without judgement. He asks lots of questions and really listens to the answers. Through his teaching, I have learned to understand and change my behaviour with money. I feel for the first time in my life, I am in charge of my finances, not the other way round." Rachel Moorhead

Name:  Cath Longhurst

When I trained a financial coach:  January 2020

Where I'm based:  Portsmouth



Background:  I have more than 20 years' experience of coaching and managing individuals and teams and of leading a social enterprise, dealing with personal and company finances.

Qualifications:  Masters Degree (MA) in Equity and Change and Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate.

What do clients gain from working with me:  

  • A better understanding of your emotions around money and ways to change money habits that are not helping you
  • Support to develop a realistic plan to work towards your financial goals
  • Greater confidence and knowledge to manage your money

Testimonial: "Our session was so good. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the progress I have made when we next speak." Vicky

Name:  Sara Jane Maxwell

When I trained a financial coach:  January 2020

Where I'm based:  Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK. Sessions available in person or online



Background:  I have spent 20 years in Financial Services. Qualified as a Financial Planner, Financial Coach and Founder of Wealth-Coach.

Qualifications:  Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate, Diploma in Financial Advice, Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice.

What do clients gain from working with me:  My clients have experienced real transformation of their finances. For more, please visit my client stories

Testimonial: "I chose to work with Sara as I wanted to gain clarity and knowledge around my personal and business finances and feel more empowered. Before working with Sara this subject seemed vague, unclear and distant, quite like a foreign landscape. What I most valued with our work is the support, kindness and Sara's genuine interest in finding out what I needed and how she could best assist me. I love the mix of financial knowledge, insights and coaching which have given me an empowering overview of where I currently stand with my finances, discovering what my options are and a refreshing sense of choice in the matter.” — MH, in the UK

Name:  Catherine Morgan

When I trained a financial coach:  January 2018

Where I'm based:  Milton Keynes, UK, but all services online 



Background:  I am a multi-award winning Qualified Financial Planner & Financial Coach for Women. I specialise in helping women with both the practical steps and changing their relationship with money.

Qualifications:  Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate, Qualified Financial Planner (DipPFS), Mortgage Adviser (CeMAP), Pension Transfer Specialist.

What do clients gain from working with me:  I will help you with the practical steps to manage money by helping you create strong financial foundations and creating a plan. Then help you create better habits with behavioural financial coaching to help you stick to the plan & reduce the fear and overwhelm.

Testimonial: "I am feeling empowered and proactive for the first time. Having the support and accountability has been transformational. For the second month in a row I have added to my savings pot rather than dipping into my overdraft." Caroline Doran

Name:  Lorraine McFall

When I trained a financial coach:  April 2018

Where I'm based:  South East, UK



Background:  My entire career in law and financial services focused on advising and coaching clients.  I develop strong relationships with my clients by engaging their trust, communicating in clear and concise language and holding them accountable for their actions.

Types of clients I work with:  I work predominantly with professionals and small business owners who want to take control of the financial future through 1:1 sessions as well as delivering corporate workshops.

Qualifications:  LLB(Hons); Dip. LP; MBA; Dip FP. Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate and family mediator.

What do clients gain from working with me:  I equip clients with the skills they need to get better with their money and enable them to live the life they want to lead.  This means not only offering practical advice and filling in gaps in clients’ financial knowledge but also helping them identify any self-beliefs that impact their relationship with money and are stopping them from achieving their goals. 

Testimonial: "It has been absolutely transformational….within 6 months I have cleared my debts, am building my savings and have a completely different mindset.  It has helped with my negotiations, with my business and set me up for the future.  I can’t thank Lorraine enough.”  

Name:  Morgan O'Connell

When I trained a financial coach:  October 2018

Where I'm based:  Dublin, Ireland



Background:  Experienced in financial planning, debt and career counselling. I help people make more sense of their money and work lives.

Qualifications: Certified Financial Planner™, Grad Dip Personal Leadership and Executive Coaching, Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate.

What do clients gain from working with me:  By working with me clients gain insight and perspective on money and work issues that may be overwhelming them. I specialise in helping those manage debt and the anxiety and despair this causes.

Testimonial: "I first met Morgan when he was facilitating a Kick Start workshop. I was immediately impressed by his clarity of thought, simple but focused guidance and direction, empathy and gentle persuasive approach. I have since engaged Morgan to help me negotiate and restructure my mortgage. We tackled each issue on my standard financial statement, he supported me on the difficult ones, giving me advice on how to tackle and overcome these issues. He also gave me loads of practical advice and tips for progressing my employment contracts. Because he has both financial and career coaching, his skills match my situation 100%. After each session I feel much more in control, no longer overwhelmed by “the bank” and have a concrete plan of action."

Name:  Ruth Parkinson

When I trained a financial coach:  January 2020

Where I'm based:  Bristol and Lancaster, UK



Background:  I’m an experienced facilitator, consultant, educator and project manager, and have worked in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Over the years, I’ve seen how money worries can create fear, inhibit potential and diminish people’s lives. A desire to address the root causes of this and help people to build happier and more generative relationships with money is what brought me to financial coaching.

Qualifications:  BA English, MSc Responsibility and Business Practice. Action learning practitioner, NLP practitioner, Art of Hosting, Narrative Therapy, Systemic Constellations training. Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate.

What do clients gain from working with me:  I provide a safe and enabling space for clients and support them to:

  • Identify, understand and reset their belief systems, emotions and behaviours around money
  • Create realistic plans and take practical steps to address issues such as budgeting, spending and saving
  • Develop a sense of empowerment, confidence and wellbeing around their financial futures and also potentially new ways of living.

I offer individual and small group coaching, as well as larger ‘understanding money’ workshops and talks. 

Name:  Jill Penn

When I trained a financial coach:  October 2018

Where I'm based:  Norfolk, Norwich


Background:  Qualified executive and financial coach and mentor.

Qualifications:  ILM 7 Coaching and Mentoring and Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate.

What do clients gain from working with me:  I work with people to help them move from where they are now to where they really want to be. It is uplifting to see people's progress: to observe people growing more confident, recognising and fulfilling their potential and achieving their goals and this can be achieved all in a relatively short period of time.

Testimonial: "Jill is an excellent coach, patient, listens and knows when to ask the right questions to support you in achieving your objectives."

Name:  Vanda Scholey

When I trained a financial coach:  January 2020

Where I'm based:  Oxfordshire/Berkshire, UK


Online profile:

Background:  I am financial manager and co-owner of two businesses, one manufacturing with an export focus and one import/trading. Both were built from scratch with my husband. I understand the emotional and practical issues when work, money and relationships inevitably cross. I’m also one of the mentors in the Santander’s Women Business Leaders’ Mentoring Programme.

Qualifications:  BSc in Finance and Banking, Chartered Management Accountant, Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate and small business owner/financial manager for almost 20 years.

What do clients gain from working with me:  There is a magic balance between life and work which we all strive to find. Many business owners and sole traders do what they do out of a passion for their chosen field and it is easy for finances to sometimes get forgotten along the way. I'm here to help you make friends with money, whether business or personal, in search of that balance.

Name:  Anne Tanser

When I trained a financial coach:  July 2020

Where I'm based:  Reigate, Surrey, UK



Background:  Anne Tanser is a Financial Coach focused on empowering women to achieve financial confidence and security.

Qualifications:  MBA from Harvard University, BA in Economics from Wellesley College, Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate.

What do clients gain from working with me:  I partner with clients to help them improve their lives through smart money management and financial empowerment. I want clients to feel in control of their money and the emotions around it, so they feel empowered to reach their financial and life goals.

Testimonial: “I went into coaching with Anne expecting to better manage my money over time and to make more strategic financial decisions for me and for my business. I have come out of the coaching with a deep understanding of all of my inherited patterns about money, an appreciation for some of my attitudes that have been holding me back and proactive steps to move some of those attitudes out of my way. I now manage my money with greater awareness and I am finally able to budget effectively. Anne’s style is warm and welcoming, so I was able to build trust quickly allowing me to spot my behaviours and build awareness from the first session.” Rachel, Executive Coach, Facilitator and Speaker

Name:  Alan Thomlinson

When I trained a financial coach:  May 2019

Where I'm based:  Surrey, UK



Background:  I have worked across the public, private and charity sectors supporting and managing teams and large scale projects including in insecure environments. More recently I began the journey to figure out money and help as many people as I can make the most of their money now and in the future.

Qualifications:  BSc Geography, MSc in Poverty reduction and development management, Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate.

What do clients gain from working with me:  A clear understanding of where you are right now, what a good life looks like to you and how to bridge the gap. How to use the money you have to enjoy your life now whilst also planning for a bright future. Support and guidance to plan the financial lifestyle you would really like.

Testimonial: "Alan is a friendly, supportive and empowering financial coach and guide; offering the tools and clear direction necessary to understand your financial circumstances, an optimised and realistic future and the route between the two. Alan has enabled me to be able to make informed choices with confidence.” 

Name:  John Timoney

When I trained a financial coach:  October 2019

Where I'm based:  UK



Background:  Independent Financial Adviser and Financial Coach Practitioner. I specialise in working with Dentists and Doctors.

Qualifications:  BA Business Studies and Accounting MSc Computer Information Systems Dip Regulated Financial Planning and Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate.

What do clients gain from working with me:  I work closely with my clients, looking at all aspects of their lives, from their present circumstances to how things may look in the future. We work together to find a balance between life goals and financial well being.

Name:  Graham Wells

When I trained a financial coach:  May 2015

Where I'm based:  Edinburgh, UK



Background:  I'm a financial coach and training consultant with 30 years of experience in UK financial services. My time as a financial adviser, supervisor and trainer feed in to my current passion for the more human side of personal finance and money relationships.

Qualifications:  Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the Personal Finance Society Diploma in Financial Services, Chartered Banker Institute and Wise Monkey Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate.

What do clients gain from working with me:  Some people benefit from practical help with day to day budgeting, saving and spending, whilst others need guidance through the financial maze of pensions, investments, borrowing and insurances. Many just need someone to truly listen, without judgement, to what they want to achieve in life. That can be transformative and it's my passion.

Testimonial: "I’m incredibly thankful for Graham’s time, knowledge and patience as he guided me through my financial journey. His delivery is thoughtful and relevant to the individual with a real desire to understand your situation. He has transformed my financial habits and has given me a clear understanding and, more importantly, confidence of my future wealth. He has turned my financial future into something exciting with purpose.” Douglas M