Kate came to see me early in January 2016, as part of her New Year’s resolution to tackle her money issues of guilt and spending. She had felt out of control of money all her adult life, and the year ahead was looking just like the last ones: her dreams still out of reach. Despite being a high earner, she was plagued by a constant feeling of not having enough.

Kate’s case was about money management, breaking through self-limiting beliefs and the clarity of goal setting. Once we had identified why she had given her power away with regards to money, she committed to not doing that anymore and started believing in her dreams. This resulted in a swift upward spiral: taking action (such as viewing properties), and buying a house. Having achieved this, she felt able to step into the goal of building wealth, creating an exit plan to leave her employment and start her own business. It was thrilling to watch her confidence grow as she experienced the impact of creating a plan and carrying it out, becoming ever more awake, alive and fulfilled.

"It’s not an understatement to say that working with Simonne has transformed my life. By bringing attention to my money beliefs, decisions and actions, I have not only started achieving the financial goals that I have set for myself, but now enjoy a level of confidence that my most ambitious and audacious life goals are completely doable.”

I felt a sense of shame that at this stage in my life I haven’t got it ‘sorted’ compared to others in my friendship, social and work circles. I had a sense that I’ll just never get ‘it’ and always feel that I am slightly out of control rather than building for a future. When I talked about money I would feel like a complete imposter waiting to be found out, that I earn at the level that I do and have nothing tangible to show for it. 

I came across Simonne via an article in the Guardian and contacted her immediately – before I could talk myself out of it!  I was hoping to get a handle on my finances and kick to the kerb – once and for all – all my toxic thoughts and resulting behaviours regarding my money.  I wanted to create a new habit or behaviour where I gave my money my attention – conscious about what I have, what I’m spending and my money position at any point in time. I wanted to have a plan and timeframe to achieve my goal of owning my own home. 

I worked with Simonne over 14 months and cannot believe how much my beliefs, attitudes and life has changed from the experience. Of the three goals that I identified to work on in January 2016 (which I believed would take years to achieve), I achieved the first in July 2016, have taken the steps to set the second into motion (March 2017) and my third is swiftly coming in view for 2018.

Simonne possesses an insightful, warm and practical style backed by her own financial work experience that offers a safe, non-judgemental space to work through a topic fraught with emotion and old belief systems that can either hold us back or free us to do the things we truly desire.  Working with Simonne has been the single best investment I've ever made."


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