"The impact of my sessions with Simonne has been dramatic. Six months ago, my finances were the rockiest they’ve ever been. I was worried that I was going to have to sell my house suddenly, was not meeting mortgage payments and was already paying such outrageous interest (though I hadn't realised) on one loan that it would probably never have been repaid. My relationship with my siblings was at a very low point, as I was regularly trying to borrow money. I rightly believed in my work as a freelancer and I think I was simply hoping that I would pull through somehow. When a friend suggested Simonne, I said I would consult her when I had some spare cash - to which (and for which I'm eternally grateful) she replied, no Jane, do it now.

The most valuable part of the process was the initial two hour consultation which left me emotionally exhausted but which meant I received highly expert financial advice tailored exactly not just to my financial situation - but to me. However, I think the bi-monthly telephone conversations have been equally vital. On several occasions I have proposed a set of circumstances that I felt were insoluble - and come away with a solution (of my own creation, never imposed) that had become by then such an obvious course of action that not to pursue it was unthinkable.

My life is better in a number of different ways, not all of which relate directly to my finances. I’ve got a good relationship with the bank, a good relationship with two brothers and one sister where previously we hardly spoke. I feel wonderful about my house for first time ever: it's clean, newly painted, fresh and modern. I've got some lovely new clothes. I've given generously and thoughtfully to others. I feel able to make commitments to payments - for instance to family plans. And I find I can make decisions more easily, because I'm more confident about trusting my gut feelings and desires.

I feel like I’ve been given a new start to my life with the support of a highly expert financial eye trained on me, my finances and my life. And, through coaching, I’m able to discover my strengths, powers and responsibilities.”


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