"I have monthly sessions with Simonne - initially these were to clarify my financial position and to set up a budget and record keeping system. Now this is easy to maintain, our time is focussed more on specifics such as taking stock of my investments as well as my attitudes to money and my ability to generate an income that is sufficient and satisfying. 

As a result of our financial coaching sessions, I have taken more responsibility for my money and for earning. I am calmer and more confident about money and my sense of possibility in all areas of my life is expanded.

My thinking about money has changed. For example, not buying moisturiser was a marker for financial anxiety for me. I often followed this with a wildly extravagant gesture like buying a car or a plane ticket to stem the panic. My thoughts spiralled out of control to visions of losing my house and ending up a bag lady. Now Simonne has weaned me through the fear of knowing the facts about my finances, my spending is more realistic. A budget and a record of spending stop me from spinning off, show I can live within my means and that I am able to increase my earnings. Now I begin to think in terms of wealth creation and contribution.

Simonne’s patient understanding and generous and steady encouragement always astound me. Despite my worst fears she finds something to praise and throws a positive light on the situation. I know that I can depend on her financial knowledge and balanced views. I find the NLP processes she uses magical and mysteriously effective. I would encourage anyone who wants to have more control, satisfaction and fun with their finances and life to work with her."


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