Sue’s experience

“The sessions have gone so far beyond my initial objectives when coming to see Simonne. I vividly remember the despair I felt when I first searched for help with my financial untogetherness - which I then thought was a problem of numeracy and organisation. I got up in the middle of the night as I was so stressed I couldn't sleep, but didn't even know what words to put in the search engine as I didn't know that financial coaching existed.

It was the start of an extraordinary journey which has taken me from steady practical progress to new worlds of self-discovery. The 'little stuff' has been life changing: opening bank statements, filing things, knowing what's in our accounts, managing a house-hold budget, sorting and separating our finances. Understanding that money is not maths.These have all enhanced my confidence and hugely improved my relationship with my husband.

The 'bigger stuff' has been quite magical - I felt really profound shifts in my self after the NLP and some of the excercises. Above all the Life Planning process has been one of the most inspirational and valuable things I have ever done. I've never felt greater clarity about my goals and my true vocation, and who I am. I found it transformational and have felt a great sense of presence and calm after each session ... [Read more]

Wendy's experience - 'Beyond Money'

“Cut your coat according to your cloth,” my father used to tell me, along with his favourite about my spending habits: “Champagne tastes and beer income!” I was about 20 at the time. And I thought I had taken it to heart, I really did.

So how come here I was 30 years later with an overdraft I couldn’t pay, a credit card bill that was well beyond my comfort zone (although not extortionate by today’s standards) and a growing feeling of panic? ... [Read more]

Jane's experience

The impact of my sessions with Simonne has been dramatic. Six months ago, my finances were the rockiest they’ve ever been. I was worried that I was going to have to sell my house suddenly, was not meeting mortgage payments and was already paying such outrageous interest (though I hadn't realised) on one loan that it would probably never have been repaid. When a friend suggested Simonne, I said I would consult her when I had some spare cash - to which (and for which I'm eternally grateful) she replied, no Jane, do it now.

My life is better in a number of different ways, not all of which relate directly to my finances ... [Read more]

Amanda's experience

I have monthly sessions with Simonne - initially these were to clarify my financial position and to set up a budget and record keeping system. Now this is easy to maintain, our time is focussed more on specifics such as renewing my mortgage, tax returns, stocks and shares as well as my attitudes to money and my ability to generate an income that is sufficient and satisfying.

As a result of our financial coaching sessions, I have taken more responsibility for my money and for earning. I am calmer and more confident about money and my sense of possibility in all areas of my life is expanded.

Simonne’s patient understanding and generous and steady encouragement always astound me. Despite my worst fears she finds something to praise and throws a positive light on the situation. I know that I can depend on her financial knowledge and balanced views. I find the NLP processes she uses magical and mysteriously effective. I would encourage anyone who wants to have more control, satisfaction and fun with their finances and life to work with her ... [Read more]