Anne has considerable experience as a leadership trainer and coach, and has worked as Director of Human Resources in both the public and private sectors. She has been an influential member on boards of Government agencies and of multinational private sector companies. She has learnt that putting people first (employees, shareholders, customers and service users) makes for better decisions and better business. 

Anne’s key skills include coaching, training, leadership development, organisational development and change management. She also has significant experience and skill in developing executive learning, having been co-creator (with Ashridge Executive Education) of a one year Organisational Development (OD) Certificate leading to a Masters degree in OD. 

In 2016, Anne began working with Simonne as an Associate Consultant to further develop Wise Monkey’s successful Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate Training, while at the same time continuing to develop her own consultancy practice. As part of her diverse portfolio, Anne has provided leadership coaching on complex strategic and transformation issues to a government agency. She has also delivered some challenging transformations by working with inspiring individuals in the NHS and government.

More can be found on Anne’s LinkedIn page